Physicality & Movement

Improve Balance

Enhance fine motor:





Enhance gross motor:




Build sensory integration skills


Facilitate bonding

Promote inter-personal relationships

​Decrease feelings of isolation & lonelines

Encourage sharing

Why music therapy works

Communication, cognition, emotions, movement, and socialization all activate specific brain regions or structures.

Music, however, has no specific brain structure. It takes many different parts of the brain working together to process music we hear. Music therapy takes full advantage of this phenomenon.

Music helps us communicate and helps us remember and organize our thoughts. It speaks to our emotions and makes us want to move. It helps us bond and can be deeply spiritual.

Because music activates each of these areas, music therapy can target each of these areas.

Not seeing what you're looking for? These are just a few of the goals that music therapists can address. Found out if we can address other concerns by contacting us here.


Develop non-verbal communication skills

Enhance oral motor skills

Improve volume, loudness

achieving goals of the mind, body and soul

First Coast Music Therapy, LLC



Enhance spirituality

Promote general wellness

Services: Goal Areas

Cognition & Psychology

Enhance attention

Aid decision-making

Enhance memory

Relieve stress

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Facilitate coping

Support the bereavement process

Decrease depression

Facilitate emotional expression