Who can benefit from music therapy?

Many people can benefit from music therapy including those with Alzheimers Disease, developmental disabilities, dementia, neurologic disorders, stroke, terminal illness and more. Clients do not need prior musical training to benefit from music therapy!

How does a music therapist address a client's needs?

Using individualized treatment plans, board-certified music therapists can help clients achieve their goals.

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Cost of services?

- Individual session vary based on the client's needs; $30-60.
- Group sessions vary by size and goals.

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Can music therapy address my needs?

Music therapy can address a variety of needs including those in the areas of cognition, emotional well-being, communication, social functioning, physical movement, and quality of life. 

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  What is a music therapy session like?

Music therapy session may consist of live or recorded music, singing, or the use of instruments to achieve non-musical goals. Ranging in duration and intensity, individual experiences in sessions are highly adaptive and differ from client to client. 

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