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Find out more about the board certified music therapist at First Coast Music Therapy, LLC.

"Music can lift us out of depression

or move us to tears,

it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear."

-Dr. Oliver Sacks

​Physician, Professor, Author

​   First Coast Music Therapy, LLC is a privately owned, local business dedicated to providing quality, clinical music therapy services and educational resources to the people of Northeast Florida.

   Music and sound play an integral role in our lives and can be a powerful tool for many people to enhance their quality of life, regardless of age, ability, or training.

   Using evidence-based practices, First Coast Music Therapy, LLC offers inspiring solutions for clients.


FCMT provides music therapy services to many people across Jacksonville. Find out how we can help you or someone you know. 

Music therapy is a great way to address a variety needs in fun and innovative ways.

Find out if music therapy is a good fit for you! 

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