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Fox News on the use of music therapy with Alzheimers patients in a memory care unit:

First Coast Music Therapy, LLC

Dr. Kathleen Howland discussing the neurologic principles that allow music therapy to work in normal and impaired brains.

Her TEDx presentation:

Music Therapy

Video of Gabby Giffords:

USA Today on music therapy with Alzheimers patients in a memory care unit:


Dr. Deforia Lane on the power of music therapy in a TEDx presentation:

What is music therapy?

American Music Therapy Association:

According to the American Music Therapy Association, "Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music inter-ventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program."

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) represents music therapists in the United States and advocates for its members, university programs, and research. Find out more about AMTA here:

Certification Board for Music Therapists:

According to the Certification Board for Music Therapists, "Music therapy is the specialized use of music by a credentialed pro-fessional who develops individualized treatment and supportive interventions for people of all ages and ability levels to address their social, communication, emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory and spiritual needs."

The Certification Board for Music Music Therapists (CBMT) over-sees the accreditation of U.S. music therapists as well as standards of practice and excellence.  Find more about CBMT here:

How is a music therapist trained?

Music therapists are trained through approved degree programs at universities around the world. In addition to music therapy tech-niques, students study a variety of topics which include counseling, psychology, physiology and neuroanatomy. Students music complete a supervised internship to hone their skills prior to sitting for examination by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.


Turn Up The Radio! Music is Powerful Therapy for Seniors
   “However, there are aspects of the science of music that are crystal clear. ‘For those of any age — from premature babies in the natal intensive care unit to seniors to all those in between, music lowers heart rate, blood pressure levels, stress levels. The science is clear on that,’ Cevasco said.”
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Music Therapy in Dementia Treatment - Recollection Through Sound
   “In fact, therapists have been using music therapy to promote memory and a sense of self in the treatment of older adults with dementia.”
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Music Therapy, More Powerful Than You Might Think
   “‘We walk in rhythm, we breathe in rhythm. Everybody has a heart-beat. Sitting here right now you’re making music whether you like it or not,’ she said.”
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